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  • Is MCCA free for providers to join?
    There is no fee for child care providers to join MCCA. At this time, we are in the pilot phase of the project and will be able to accept new providers into the network sometime in 2025.
  • Can anyone join the waitlist or do you have to work for a business member?
    Anyone looking for care can access the waitlist and enrollment portal. However, if you work for one of the businesses that have purchased a membership for their staff, then you will always receive priority access.
  • Does this mean that care is less expensive for families?
    While we understand that the cost of child care is expensive for families right now, MCCA will not be deciding the cost of care on behalf of providers. Since the programs that move into the building will be their own independent businesses, it is really up to them to set the cost of care.
  • Are child care slots guaranteed for employees of participating business members?
    This is a great question and common misconception about MCCA. Businesses who join MCCA as network members are paying for membership as an HR advantage on behalf of their staff. They are paying for preferred access to the waitlist, not for guaranteed spots. Why is this?! ⬇️ Families have a variety of needs for their children, between the times and days. Child care slots are not one size fits all. If a business were to pay just for guaranteed slots, those slots may not suit the needs of their employees and would sit vacant. This would be a disadvantage for both providers and families.
  • What if I find child care within the MCCA network and I am unsatisfied with the care my child is receiving?
    In the event that a family is unsatisfied with the care they are receiving and would like to switch providers, they will need to re-enter the waitlist and enrollment portal. If they are employees of a business member, they will continue to receive preferred access to the waitlist and can select the providers they wish to be on the waitlist for. It is important to note that within the MCCA network, we encourage families and providers to form their own relationships. Providers in our network are autonomous and individual businesses, MCCA is not acting as a director of their business in any way.
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