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As a business, you are probably no stranger to the impact that the lack of child care has on your workforce.  In Missoula County alone, 69% of children under 6 have all adults in the workforce and 41% of children in Missoula do not have access to child care. 

Nationwide, employers lose $4.4 billion annually as a result of employee absences or loss of productivity related to child care issues. 

Missoula Child Care Advantage can offer a child care benefit for your staff. It strengthens both recruitment and retention, all while supporting a critical need for working parents. 

How does it work?

Local employers in Missoula buy a business membership on behalf of their staff, which in turn gives your staff preferred access to the enrollment and wait list portal in our MCCA network. This ensures that your staff gets care faster. Business memberships are scaled to the size of your business. 

We encourage businesses that are interested in becoming members to reach out to us. We believe that relationships are at the core of the success of this pilot and we want to connect with you about your needs. 

How do we get involved?

Board Meeting

What is the cost?

The cost of a business membership depends on the number of staff you employ in the Missoula area. MCCA membership is an affordable way to offer a child care advantage as an HR benefit to your staff. 


Reach out to us to learn more!  

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